10 Best Places in Singapore 2020

10 Best Places in Singapore 2020 - The best tourist attractions in Singapore can be a must for foreign and domestic tourists to visit.

Singapore is one of the small countries in Southeast Asia. 

Singapore itself has the capital city of Singapore, one of the major cities in the world with a mixture of cultures from Asia and Europe.

Singapore was founded during the British colonial trading period in 1819.

Best Places in Singapore 2020
Best Places in Singapore

Since independence it has become one of the most prosperous cities in the world and has the most populous port in the world.

There are still many colonial buildings side by side with markets and modern multi-storey buildings. 

Tourist attractions in Singapore

In addition, there are many tourist attractions that can attract tourists. The following are the best tourist attractions in Singapore that must be visited. 

Suntec City

Suntec City Tower Singapore
Suntec City Tower Singapore
Suntec City is a famous shopping mall, exhibition center, conference center and office tower. In this area there are many choices for shopping for accessories, books, and electronic goods.

You can shop for various needs such as shoes, sports equipment, toys, jewelry and watches, beauty equipment, all kinds of interesting fashion.

In addition, at Suntec City, there are entertainment facilities, especially for children. Also find Cixeplex, a fitness center and arcade games. Are you interested in shopping at one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore?

Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge Singapore
Helix Bridge Singapore
The Helix Bridge is a scenic pedestrian bridge connecting Marina Center with Marina South in the Marina Bay area. This bridge was opened on 24 April 2010 with a length of 280 meters.

This bridge has a lamp concept from the DNA symbol (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid), namely the letters C, G, A, and T. In addition, tourists can take pictures both at night and during the day.

National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore
National Museum of Singapore
The National Museum of Singapore is not only one of the oldest museums, but also a national monument in the city. Formerly known as the Raffles Library and Museum.

This museum building combines the structure of the old and new building elements, thus adding to the beauty of the neo-classical building. In addition, this museum presents a collection of historical and cultural artifacts. Then, this place plays host to various events throughout the year.

This museum in the Singapore History Gallery section is open from 10:00 - 18:00, while the Goh Seng Choo Gallery and four Living Galleries section is open from 10:00 - 20:00.

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage Singapore
Marina Barrage Singapore
Marina Barrage is an amazing dam used to help prevent flooding and store water reserves. However, Marina Barrage is also used as a fun recreation area.

Then, this reservoir facility makes Singapore a greener country with the Solar Park. It is one of the largest collections of solar panels in Singapore with over 400 electric panels for dam lighting. No wonder this dam is one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore.

Marine Life Park

Marine Life Park Singapore
Marine Life Park
Marine life park is an aquarium that presents marine animal life and is a fun outdoor play area for children. Commonly known as the S.E.A Aquarium, this aquarium is located at Resorts World Sentosa.

This aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world with a water volume of more than 42.8 million liters of water. This top tourist spot in Singapore is home to more than 100,000 marine animals of different species.

Apart from being used as a tourist attraction, it turns out that this aquarium is also used as education, research, and marine animal breeding to prevent species extinction. The collections include stingrays, sharks, and many more.

Singapore's Chinatown

Visit Singapore's Chinatown
Visit Singapore's Chinatown
This Chinese environmental area can be an attractive tourist destination.

Various small grocery stores and delicious Chinese dishes add to the crowd.

The evidence of Chinese influence is strong in this place. This place provides an environment with free wifi service for everyone.

Little India and Arab Street

You can find a variety of diverse environments in this area. You can find local food with delicious taste in this area.

In this Arab area, you will find the Sultan mosque which was built in 1825.

The mosque has a distinctive exterior shape and a stunning golden dome.

In this area there are also various kinds of restaurants and food according to your choice.

Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay

Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay Singapore
Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay Singapore
This tourist spot is also known as the Esplanade Theater is a performing arts center with an area of ​​60,000 square meters. The Esplanade opened on 12 October 2012 and can accommodate more than 3,600 spectators.

This building looks very unique as it is similar to the twin “Durian”. Designed by DP Architecs, to perform local, regional, international music, as well as a symphony orchestra.

In addition, visitors who come here can enjoy a choice of cafes, restaurants and shops. For those who want to have a vacation to Singapore by watching shows, the best tourist attractions in Singapore are a must for you to visit.

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore
National Gallery Singapore
The National Gallery of Singapore is an art gallery with an impressive collection of modern Singapore and Southeast Asia.

The National Gallery collects more than 8,000 national collections which make it the largest and most valuable public collection from the 19th century until now.

This gallery contains important works and great paintings by famous Singaporean artists such as Lui Kang, Georgette Chen, etc. In addition, there are gallery collections from major Southeast Asian artists such as Raden Saleh (Indonesia), Latiff Mohidin (Malaysia), Montien Boonma (Thailand), etc.

ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum is a famous museum that combines amazing works of art with science. This place is a special attraction for children and parents, as well as for entertainment and learning media.

This museum has a very beautiful and cool architectural design, because the top building of this museum is like an open arm that welcomes tourists. The museum's collections include dinosaur exhibits, film exhibitions, robots, maps, and many more.

There are still a lot of favorite and interesting tourist objects in this country of Singapore.

Hopefully helpful, and thank you.